About Us

The Happiness and Human Development Conference provides a platform to discuss and delve into the relationship between the happiness quotient and the human development factor, both at individual and societal levels. The conference will encapsulate and present ideas and strategies that will help our youth and young adults to tap into their best selves...

Hicham El Amrani

Founder of The Happiness and Human Development Conference

The Conference

The Happiness and Human Development Conference is an opportunity to discuss vital topics on personal and collective happiness; success; excellence; positivity; emotional intelligence; work ethics, and a wide array of other self-enhancement resources, which will be helpful and provide keen insights into the world of personal and professional development through a positive mindset...

Knowledge Speaks. Wisdom Listens.
Meet and learn from the experts and leaders, and get a chance to listen to their success stories.

Opening Ceremony

Main Address:  The Founder of the Happiness and Human Development Conference, Mr. Hicham El Amrani

Address:  Guest of Honor (TBC)