The Happiness and Human Development Conference is an opportunity to discuss vital topics on personal and collective happiness; success; excellence; positivity; emotional intelligence; work ethics, and a wide array of other self-enhancement resources, which will be helpful and provide keen insights into the world of personal and professional development through a positive mindset.

The conference is based on our philosophy, which is the need to continuously develop individuals, so that they are not only fulfilled themselves, but also can contribute and help others. At the end of very edition of this conference, we will launch new initiatives, and formulate new recommendations and suggestions, which we will share with the private and public sectors, government and semi-government institutions, as well as civic organizations that are concerned with human and societal development.

The Happiness and Human Development Conference to be held in the Kingdom of Morocco is a perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with new and trending topics, and concepts on personal and societal happiness, besides self-development resources. The conference will also be a unique event to meet many entrepreneurs, experts, thinkers, and active individuals, both local and international, who are interested in this topic and are participating to enlighten themselves and others.